Rick Pounds

Aloha Bob, my name is Rick Pounds... I've been known to be pretty much computer illiterate but I do have a creative mind ... I attended your seminar on the 12th of September and was totally impressed by the delivery of the material... It was not until I received the videos that put me back to your presentation and allowed me to see that your program can allow the pure novice to create the most astonishing web sites (blogs )that people would pay many times the cost of your program.

I have the confidence to be able to build a very significant blog and I would be able to make changes at my discretion vs. that of a "Web Expert" that I would be paying many more dollars for the same results. I look forward to working with your other videos or future seminars. Please keep me apprised as to your future delivery of information so I may share it with others who were not able to attend your first seminar

Many Mahalos Rick Pounds