PhotoBucket - Free

If you're viewing this on FireFox or Safari, you can play the guitar by dragging your mouse over the guitar strings.

This is a very unique slide show offered by Photobucket. As with most of the software we suggest it is free and therefore comes with ads surrounding the slides. I would not suggest paying the $3/month or $25 year to have all of your slides appear without ads. PhotoBucket does not consider their logo an ad and it will appear on all of your slide shows. If you don't mind paying extra to promote PhotoBucket on your slide show, this is what you can expect.

Along with the advertising, the other problem with all the free slide show sites is that when you click on a photo, it opens a new window taking you to the slide show website. I find this disturbing. It may be OK for a blog, but not for a professional website. Just my opinion.

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