7 Ways To Use A Blog To Get A Job

Blogging has become a symbol of the new era of user created content, news, and entertainment. However, what you may not realize is that it can also be a source of employment, often times accidentally. There has been a growing trend in recent years of employers taking to the Internet and searching through blogs to find potential new recruits or to research existing applicants.

There are a variety of reasons why a blog is the ideal place to learn more about a job candidate, it allows hiring managers to learn details about a candidate that they could never get from an interview or resume for starters. Second, it's a chance to witness the creative and technical talent a potential employee may have outside of the workplace. For those looking to make the jump from the blogosphere to the working world, there are certain steps you can take to make employers take notice.

Recruiting Information Blogs

Blogging is a two-way street of both writing and reading posts. One of the most interesting additions to the job hunting scene in recent years is the growth of knowledge and advice available from industry insiders for job hunters. As a blogger, you can interact directly with human resource or hiring managers via their own blogs, where they offer in depth advice about how to stand out in the hiring process. By commenting on these blogs and carrying on discussions with men and women who know the industry, you can get a head start.

Describe Work History and Education
As the owner of a blog, you have the right and often the obligation to shift the focus of posts and discussions to yourself. By placing relevant information about your work history and education directly on your blog, you offer a standing resume for potential employers to view alongside your writing. If a potential recruiter is reading your blog and believes you would be a good employee, the inclusion of job related information is a bonus.

Don't Constantly Apply for a Job
If you write about getting a job consistently, you likely will not be approached with any job offers, nor will your blog generate the kind of attention you want. Employers who find your blog want to see that you are self-sufficient and independently creative. If you consistently talk about your lack of employment, it only appears as though there is a reason you do not yet have a job. This does not mean you should never mention you are currently looking for a job. Add a small blurb in your About Me page that mentions you are currently looking for employment in a specific field. Just don't over-advertise the fact.

Write Quality Content within Your Field
If you are actively seeking a career in a specific field, make sure you write about that field in some manner or another on a regular basis. You need to show that you can offer unique opinions with an identifiable line of thought on a specific topic to generate interest from a potential employer. This means you need to present new ideas or at least new opinions of existing ideas. Reprinting news articles or reiterating what another blogger has already said will not generate interest in the same manner as an original post.

Write Prolifically
When you write consistently and your name is attached to numerous blog posts and comments, you can be sure that a potential employer will find that content when they search for your name. Almost all potential employers use Google or related search engines to research a candidate before an interview or hire. If you write targeted, intelligent blog posts, you can make sure that you control the information available on the Internet attached to your name.

Writing Carefully
Along the same lines, if your blog postings are rude, controversial, or demeaning to a particular person or group, potential employers are going to see them and it will not look good for you. Remember that the world is your audience and that when you attach your name to something online, anyone can read it. Be prepared to write in a manner that protects your good name and shows potential employees that you have a solid, likable character to match your work skills.

Make Friends in the Industry
When a company hires an individual through their blog, they have one of two choices. They can request the candidate to stop their blogging to keep other companies from attempting to hire the blogger themselves, or they can have them continue blogging to increase company exposure and to recruit other bloggers for future positions. The second scenario can fall right into your hands if you are prepared. Make friends with bloggers who are in the same industry as you. Networking, even through blogging can lead to future job opportunities.

Whether it is your intention to take advantage of the recruiters actively seeking talent through blogs or to use your blog as a extra notch on your resume, your blogging can be a very powerful tool in the often times cutthroat race for an open job position. By showing your natural talent, beyond the fluff that fills a resume, and offering a free glimpse into your personal life, you give recruiters something that few other recruits can. And it gives you a head start toward getting a job.