63. Convert Line Breaks

"Convert line breaks" is defaulted at "yes" and it works wonderfully 99.9% of the time ... but that's not what you need to be concerned about. In this video, Bob is going to show you how it works and what to do when it becomes a problem.


  • Why you generally want to turn on "Convert Line Breaks"
  • How the "Convert Line Breaks" works
  • When "Convert Line Breaks" becomes a problem and what to do about it.


Joko Joan said...

Josh: This was a BIG help. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

Joko Joan said...

Well, I followed the directions: Went to the "Convert Line Break" and found it was already set to Yes. Anything else I could try - keeping in mind that I'm pretty computer illiterate - especially with the language. Thanks again for your help!