26. The Post Page Element

The Blog Posts Page Element is loaded with information. You can show post dates, times, number of posts on the front page and more. In this video Bob is going to show you all the different elements you can control in the Blog Posts Page Element


  • How to select the number of blog posts shown on your homepage
  • Where to find the 16 different post time options
  • How to show who posted the blog and why it matters
  • How to select the time your blog was posted
  • How to show or hide the comments section
  • How to show or hide the links to your blog post
  • Why you want to show the labels feature on your blog post
  • Why you absolutly want to show the quick editing pencil
  • Why you want to allow the Email post links on your blog
  • How you can earn money on ads on your blog
  • How to arrange each of the above components on your blog post