115. Hiding The Blogger Navigation bar

How do I remove the Blogger navigation bar?

If you really want your blog to look like a website, you'll want to hide the Blogger navigation bar at the top of the page. There are many reasons you'll want to hide it and Bob is going to show you how to do it in this video.

Click Here to get the code you'll need for this video


  • How to hide the Blogger navigation bar at the top of your blog
  • How the Blogger navigation bar works
  • Where to place the code in your template to hide your Blogger navigation bar


Thoughts Uncensored said...

WOW it works ^_^ thanks a ton!

FDPC said...

Hey, can anyone provide me with a copy of the magic Code to be insert into the Template? I've tried following the link to download that code, but it leads me to somewhere that says I can't access XML code or something like that.

Any help please?

Li Shan said...

i couldn't get the code!!

Anonymous said...

please send me the exact code 2 paste.this code doesn,t work.

please give the exact code

Thoughts Uncensored said...

You need to have an HTML layout for this to work. Chances are that users are using an XML code. In order to get your XML layout into an HTML and make this code work just follow these steps.

Sign into your blog (make sure you're in the "Dashboard"), click "Manage Layout", where the tabs are under "View Blog" click "Edit HTML", now below the code box click "Revert to Classic Template."

Follow the instructions from this comment and from the owner of this blog. That should get you up and running.

On a last note, remember that you can only use this code in HTML format so in a way you kinda have to use HTML instead of the XML code. Don't worry though, you can always pick the old template look you had.

Good luck. Cheers!

Steve said...

If you can't get the code because of an XML error, try it again using the Firefox browser, it seems to display the code.